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  • We are looking for local businesses to partner with us to deliver FirstAid courses to young people; develop a safe and secure place where they can learn and experience the benefits of diversity, respect and build cohesion to become the adults of tomorrow.


    How can you help?


    It is very simple: help us purchase the terminals. We need £5,000 to acquire 10 terminals, sufficient to raise £20,000pa – every year. We would be delighted to acknowledge your sponsorship on these terminals as we see this as an opportunity for joint brand building.


    We are using the latest fundraising state of the art cashless and contactless technology, the GoodBox. This technology is already proven and used by museums and major charities. We aim to be the first to use it in local communities.


    By placing these donation terminals in local businesses, coffee shops, shopping centres, and bars, you can effortlessly help us fundraise.

    Our plan is to get large numbers of small donations, rather than asking major funders to make small numbers of large donations.