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  • Success Stories

    Testimonials from AY Group CIC’s interns, volunteers and people who benefited from our services

    Soukayna Maqdache

    This all might sound very cliché and maybe even too good to be true, but sometimes you find certain organizations and people with whom you share the same vision in life which makes it that much easier to connect with them. I have had the opportunity to see up close and personal how rewarding it is to lend a helping hand to a community that is in of just that. I will never forget my 4-month internship, as it was an amazing and memorable time.

    Tai Cullen

    I found this experience as unique and different, learning what it takes to help youths find a better future has its own benefits. I feel like this experience was worth the time and effort and this week has been very beneficial towards both my educational life and my personal life as well as it helps me gain confidence and a wide range of computer skills. I appreciate everything that the team has offered to me and I am very grateful to be given the opportunity to be a part of it.

    Rajiul Rahim

    I completed three weeks of voluntary work experience in the AY head office, within those three weeks I gained my first insight of actual work life. As a designer I was working closely alongside their professional graphic designer, this helped me so much within the short time I was working there. I am more of a proactive person now and this experience has definitely benefitted me in all ways.

    Amal Er-Raqaoui

    After my 4-month internship here, I can state that I have developed myself on both personal and professional level. During my educative period, I have seen how much passion each and every team member has and I learned that passion is what it’s all about. I have learned that if there is something you want to achieve, you WILL and CAN, no matter what! And I have had the chance to experience what it really is like to be part of a company that changes the lives of people.

    Alex Pizzoni

    As an intern at Acknowledging Youths, I had the privilege of working alongside the CEO, in both Victoria and Tower Hamlets. I appreciate all the support that the team offered throughout the internship. Having started as a volunteer working externally, I soon felt very settled and resultantly, invited to work internally. My time spent there was invaluable and I was provided the opportunity to develop communication and computer skills. I got involved in tasks such as creating new databases to store candidate’s details, contacting companies, working with volunteers on numerous projects and visiting job centres. I always found helping out disadvantaged people a good cause and the chance to experience this in a company environment was incredible. I will remember the good work I did here for a long time.

    Roshni Karforma

    It was a privilege to work with you in your esteemed organization. The noble venture that you started has gone a far way and hope that it would achieve many milestones ahead. I feel very lucky that I was part of this noble cause. I always wanted to give something back to the society. It seems that it is achieved now to a great extent through your help and support. Your leadership and guidance to fellow subordinates are invariably commendable. I learnt a lot and think that it would help me to sail through different challenges in my work life. Many thanks for providing me this wonderful opportunity. Hope I would continue to be associated and be of some help. Thank you again!!!

    Rowan Thomas

    Overall, I found this an excellent way to see how it is to be in a workplace and what voluntary work is all about and how it helps society and the targeted audience. One thing that I feel that I have gained from doing this voluntary work is greater communication skills and initiative as I have needed to talk to the team on many occasions and I have taken things into my own hands and I feel that this work experience will help me out in the future.

    Leyla Ahmed

    Volunteering at Acknowledging Youths has been an incredible experience. It has allowed me to develop my skills and knowledge. Being able to work with Danny has helped to build my confidence and communication skills it has also made me realize that Volunteering is the perfect way to discover something you are really good at and develop a new skill.