• Covid-19: DONATIONS

    My name is Danny Barnes and I am the CEO of AY Group Community Services CIC.
    I am looking to raise £250,000 to help me raise money to offer support to Covid-19 victims as known the vulnerable and elderly residents of United Kingdom, and the NHS staff in the hospitals.

    During the corona-virus pandemic, UK vulnerable residents need help. The corona-virus has already fundamentally changed the way we live. It's an anxious and upsetting time, and while the primary concern is health, our financial well being is also important.


    We ask you to support us and our project. Just a small donation of £10 can help me reach our goal or even give some non-perishable goods or food will be more than appreciated. Your donation will be spent, in one hand, on the purchase of food and essentials for UK residents and the NHS staff in the hospitals and, in another hand, we plan to provide online services to our customers who must self-isolate due to this uncertain time.


    We have been organising food parcels for our vulnerable residents. And this has stretched out to all our boroughs. We are ringing over 600 elderly and vulnerable residents across the community. We provide them help in case they need food and essentials supplies or if they are over 70 and isolated or if they have a health concern.

    We are here for them even if they have any concern about a family member, friend or neighbour. We all want to help each get through this difficult time. We also have a lot of opportunities for them to get involved as a volunteer with us.

    Also, we are solicited by a lot of hospitals to deliver food and essentials parcels to the NHS staff who are working day and night to save lives. The food packs are containing breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks and they will be delivered with the help of our delivery service.


    AY Group Community Services CIC has a team of volunteers to ensure that the food parcels reach UK most vulnerable people doorstep and the hospitals during the corona-virus crisis. We are determined to do everything we can to support our NHS staff to ensure medics are well fed as they work long hours and the residents.


      Ways you can make a donation:

      Cheque to be sent to:

      Estate Office Block A, Peabody Hall,

      Fulham Estate, Lillie Rd., SW6 1UH

      Over the phone:

      07852 945 928

      Direct transfer:

      Paypal link

    • What will our request for funding support?


      • The provision of food, cleaning supplies, toiletries & PPE,
      • Running online ‘shop and donate’ service & existing online services,
      • Purchase of a van to deliver food,
      • Purchase of a fridge to safely store food,
      • Overheads for running our premises to store, sort and pack deliveries.